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Eurosport K9, is owned and operated by Josef Mravik, is an import and training service company in Slovakia. We offer a full import service. We also offer services that include titling dogs in both sport and conformation . We also trained dogs for personal protection make excellent member of your new family .We also offer to find you right temperament and colour what you like for fit to yours personality.



Congratulation to

Sean and Max ze Strbrneho kamene-co own by Eurosport k9 to other big win on AWDF national 2013 in Kentucky also big congratulation to our big frend Mike Diehl and Irmus to his second place: Guys knedle and slovak juice are waiting for you here.



Josef Mravik

josef20yrs1 Born 1967 in Czech Republic, Josef, speaks Russian, German, English, Slovak, Yugoslavian. Josef was the youngest judge ever for the FCI. He became working judge in1986 and show judge in 1989. He is qualified to judge approx 100 breeds: korung, , Water, Search and Avalanche rescue.

Josef has judged trials and dog shows all around the world. USA, Australia, England, south Africa, Germany, Brazil, Portugal, Costa Rica, Italy, Korea, Hungary , Yugoslavia, Poland, Belgium , Czech Republic, Mexico, Slovenia, White Russia, Russia, and many more...!

In 1996 and 1997 he won the Austrian Bundessieger with his male and female. His male took V1 at most prestige RTW show in the world in German Klubsieger 1999 at Sieger class.In 2009 he waz third at Slovak german shepherd National championship.